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Marriage Law

What Is Common Law Marriage?

What is a common law marriage? With so many couples co-habitating without officially marrying, at what point might their relationship be considered a marriage with or without a wedding ceremony or marriage license?...(more)

Information about the Cousin Marriage Law

Cousins are people who share at least one grandparent, whether it is near or distant. Western people commonly consider marriage between cousins to be taboo, incestuous, and illegal. Most people assume cousin marriage is illegal in all 50 states. However, it may be surprising to know that more Americans than expected view such a match as ideal and although it is not common, there are states that have a permissive cousin marriage law....(more)

How to Get Married in Michigan

You and your future spouse have set the date. You've started planning that special day, where family and friends will gather to celebrate with you. Maybe you're getting married in Michigan, or planning to. To make those plans come true, here's what you need to know....(more)

Getting a Marriage License in the State of Tennessee

Since no residency requirements exist and there?s so much to see and do, Tennessee could well be one of the best destination wedding sites in the nation. The state's contribution to American culture is legendary: Nashville and the Grand Ole Opry, Elvis and Graceland, Minnie Pearl, three presidents, writers James Agee and Carl Rowan. Tennessee's Volunteer State marriage law doesn't hurt the popularity of getting married in this beautiful state either. With the state's rich history and beautiful scenery, you could also honeymoon here as well....(more)


Ancient Jewish Marriage Advice for Modern Couples

The Talmud and other writings by early Jewish scholars have much to offer to married couples of all faiths and beliefs. Discover some of their surprisingly contemporary marriage and sex advice. ...(more)

Seven Ways Prayer in Marriage Can Prove Helpful

Prayer is a form of communicating with a higher power. Your ability to establish this kind of spiritual connection can also strengthen your love partnership. Here are seven ways that prayer in marriage, alone or together, can benefit your marital union. ...(more)

Religious Councils Continue to Debate Views Regarding Homosexual Marriage

The issue of marriage has been a hot topic in recent years. There are several organizations popping up to respond to the issue, many that purport to be religious marriage councils, as well as other entities. The fact that the issue is being openly discussed speaks much about the recent changes in society's level of acceptance of personal differences. However, there is much disagreement about whether the changes are good or bad. The jury is still out and will probably never be resolved....(more)

Famous Couples

Four Inspiring Presidential Marriages

It's a good thing that the Commander in Chief's marriage is so scrutinized. The skills needed to be an effective leader are similar to the abilities necessary to sustain a healthy marriage....(more)

Nine Action Movies That Could Be Good For Your Marriage

Many Hollywood films focus on the courtship phase of relationships, with credits rolling after the couple exchange vows. Yet many excellent films exist that portray married couples. Here's some noteworthy examples....(more)

10 Highly Successful Husband And Wife Businesses

Some of the most successful companies around the world were founded by husband and wife teams. Be inspired by the marriages of the men and women behind these successful businesses....(more)

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