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Civil Unions

The Nuances of Assortative Mating

You may be surprised that there is more to being married than simply being in love with a person. There may be traits that you find attractive for certain reasons that you can't explain. It may be looks, status in society, or something as simple as whether he or she makes you laugh. Whatever the attraction, it is all dependent on genetics and how you react to them. This is where the concept of assortative mating comes into play when determining who you decide to make your partner....(more)

Top Civil Wedding Resources Online

As more and more states pass legislation protecting same sex couples, the civil wedding business is on the rise. While many contend that a civil union is not the same as getting married, it is still a legally recognized union that protects the rights of each partner. Civil Union Acts have been enacted in numerous states, and same sex couples are eager to celebrate the weddings they've dreamed of having for so very long. If you're planning a civil wedding and looking for help, or if you're in need of clarification on the legislation, here are some of the best resources available online....(more)

Top 5 States to Host Your Civil Marriage

Civil marriage is state regulated. There are also domestic partnerships and civil unions. Each has unique regulations and each state allows for distinct rights. The degree of difference among them and which states allow a particular type of union can be found through the National Conference of State Legislatures. A detail of state-by-state regulations and what documentation is required can be found at States allowing same-sex marriage will be addressed here. Marriage offers the broadest rights under the law. It has become a major social and political issue in U.S. politics....(more)

Alternatives to Marriage in the United States

As differing groups of people have become increasingly active in regards to politics, the push for the legalization of same-sex marriage has continued. Civil unions offer alternatives to marriage for both heterosexual couples and same-sex couples residing in the United States. However, there are only a handful of states that recognize the legality of a civil union. In fact, while a civil union is an alternative to marriage, such a union still leaves same-sex couples with a great deal of disadvantages that heterosexual couples in civil unions do not have to face. This article will go about answering the most common of questions regarding civil unions and will help you understand the many facets that make up this alternative to marriage....(more)


Picking The Most Romantic Flowers for Your Anniversary

This guide can help you express the sentiments of a wedding anniversary in the language of flowers....(more)

Anniversary Gift Resources for Any Year of Marriage

It can be difficult to know what is appropriate to give on an anniversary and even more difficult to know where to find it. Whether you are looking for a gift for your spouse, child, parents, sibling, or friend, you are sure to find the perfect anniversary gift from one of these sites. There are traditional, modern, and other types of options for newlyweds to 60-year celebrations and every year in between....(more)

Traditional and Modern Third Year Anniversary Gifts

The third anniversary is not one of the big milestone anniversaries but is very special nonetheless. Especially for the couple who is still considered by most to be newly married but are stepping away from the honeymoon phase, a special celebration can be nice. Whether you choose to stick with a traditional choice or go a more modern route, the third year anniversary gifts widely suggested are sure to have something just right for your recipient. If you are a parent of someone celebrating a third year anniversary, traditional may be your style. But with the third year being leather you may want to consider the alternative modern choice of crystal/glass for more options. Keep reading for suggestions in either category and see some unique ideas that are more outside the box....(more)


Inexpensive Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is an exciting time when even adults can join in the fun of dressing up. For couples, this could mean an opportunity to impress friends with synchronized costumes. A couple that is on a budget may find it difficult to think of worthy couples Halloween costume ideas that don't require a fairly significant sum of money. The following couples costume ideas are fun and easy to make, plus the supplies won't break the bank....(more)

The Different Categories of Halloween Costumes for Married Couples

There is a wide variety of Halloween costume categories to choose from to dress up together. Some are creative while some are traditional. Others are funny and tacky. The sky and your creativity are the limit when choosing costumes. Involve your spouse in the decision, and you will have a more willing partner in the fun of dressing up for Halloween....(more)

Halloween Costume Ideas for a Girl Couple

Halloween is right around the corner and if you're a lesbian couple, you may be thinking of doing something special with your costumes this year. Coming up with good ideas that will mesh well with your partner can be difficult. With a little bit of thought put into it and a willingness to experiment, you can come up with an idea that will complement both you and your partner. Take a look at the list of Halloween costume ideas for a girl couple below to get you started....(more)

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